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"The Path I Choose"

In his latest CD, Nicholas presents 10 of his original compositions. You can listen to a few of the tracks at the bottom of the page. Or, purchase your copy now!

To a composer, each of their works is more than just another piece. Every one has a special meaning behind it. The same is true of my music. Each song means something and was written for a reason, whether it be to paint a picture of the night sky, or to say goodbye to a lost loved one. This album is more than a collection of my music, it is a collection of some of my thoughts and feelings.

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"Just A Beginning"

This was Nicholas' first CD. At the age of 9, after he wrote his first song, "Nightfall," Nicholas had it set in his mind that he was going to be a pianist, composer, and make a CD before he was 14, which he did. In 2004, he released his first CD, and decided to call it "Just A Beginning," because there would be many more to come. This album presents Nicholas' first three compositions, some jazzy pieces, and some well-known oldies, some with a new twist.

The Path I Choose
Nicholas Leigh (The Path I Choose)

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